In Which Our Heroine Almost Completes Her Office…

For not quite a year my new home office space has been in arranging mode. I have the most important stuff up, but some of the fine touches aren’t quite there yet and I keep putting off picture taking. A personal space in which to write has always been a big deal to me. I need that zone that’s mine and just mine and I’m kinda territorial about it. Besides, my sci-fi collectibles and such need their own space because otherwise the Geeklings would assume that all action figures and awesome plushies  belong to them.


For the record, Soft Kitty is mine, Talking Tauntaun is Mine, Anniversary Edition Wampa with the removable arm is mine, and Black Series Han Solo is mine. Dear Geeklings, this is in no way a complete list, so do not try to use it as such. The wampa rug belongs to the Geeklings although if they ever decide they don’t want a Star Wars room anymore, I’ve already put first dibs on it. Ownership of these sorts of things is a legitimate issue in a geek household like ours. I think it clearly qualifies as a First World Geek Problem.

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