In Which Our Heroine Almost Completes Her Office…

For not quite a year my new home office space has been in arranging mode. I have the most important stuff up, but some of the fine touches aren’t quite there yet and I keep putting off picture taking. A personal space in which to write has always been a big deal to me. I need that zone that’s mine and just mine and I’m kinda territorial about it. Besides, my sci-fi collectibles and such need their own space because otherwise the Geeklings would assume that all action figures and awesome plushies  belong to them.


For the record, Soft Kitty is mine, Talking Tauntaun is Mine, Anniversary Edition Wampa with the removable arm is mine, and Black Series Han Solo is mine. Dear Geeklings, this is in no way a complete list, so do not try to use it as such. The wampa rug belongs to the Geeklings although if they ever decide they don’t want a Star Wars room anymore, I’ve already put first dibs on it. Ownership of these sorts of things is a legitimate issue in a geek household like ours. I think it clearly qualifies as a First World Geek Problem.

In Which our Heroine Squees

My two favorite entertainment writers/producers that are actithey writing at this time are Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams. My favorite Joss projects are Avengers and Firefly/Serenity. My favorite JJ projects are Star Trek, Fringe and Revolution.

But my  JJ favorites may get an addition come 2015 because he just landed one of the coolest gigs in Hollywood with Star Wars Episode VII. I was fangirl giddy when he was announced. JJ is a geek, one of us, and he’s going to want to do a movie that makes the fandom proud and bring others in. I know some people disliked what he brought to Star Trek, but the biggest Trekkies I know loved it. It also made me a fan when I wasn’t before. It should be noted that my fangirlishness for Wil Wheaton was not based off his Trek work, but his blog about geeky awesome things.

I think what makes me love this decision is that JJ is a geek himself. Just like Joss who made one of the most successful movies ever with Avengers. I wasn’t surprised Joss did well because I knew he wasn’t just in it to make a movie that made money, he wanted to make the geeks pleased too. I get the same vibe off of JJ who was originally too afraid to take Star Wars because it was such a part of his youth. He wants to make the geeks happy and unhappy Star Wars fans will make their feelings heard. I was nervous about a new Star Wars movie coming out, especially as I cannot stand the animated Clone Wars stuff. But if the franchise gets to continue in cool new ways, I get to share that with my son and he gets to enjoy the awesomeness that is a brand-new movie on the big screen. May the Force be with You, JJ, the new Chosen One. I can’t wait to see what you bring us.

Anyone else out t here excited?

In Which Our Heroine Discusses Favorite TV

So while I’m cranking our some good daily word counts (I’m hoping to enter a few contests this winter and want to be able to have time to do a quick edit before submitting), I’m going to write about something sort of writing related.

I refer of course to my TV watch list. When I’m not trying to terrorize the Wild West by letting my magic-wielding heroine through it, or chasing my toddler around, I’m a big geek and my TV favorites often reflect this. For now, I will discuss my network favorites, the summer schedule should be a post of its own.

1) The Big Bang Theory and its geeky antics are one of our favorites. The toddler attended a Phoenix Comic con in a Baby Sheldon costume just because. While many of Sheldon’s lines are our favorites, I truly think Leonard is the guy most geeks relate to. Most of my favorite episodes involve appearances of Evil Wil Wheaton. The teenagers I work with in my day job have this joke that I’m like Sheldon because I decide all ties. i also had a group one year that adopted the phrase, “That’s how we roll in the Shire!”

2) Castle had me at Nathan Fillion although I love the interactions with his daughter and mother the best. That and the times his top of the line laser tag equipment comes up.

3) Revolution has me considering writing dystopian/post-apocalyptic someday. I was intrigued by the combination of J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke and giddy that Jon Favreau directed the pilot. Billy Burke’s character is my absolute favorite and I’m intrigued at the world building that they’ve done.

4) Once Upon a Time is a lot of fun with their retold story characters but the cliffhangers have made me fail and nearly throw pillows much to my husband’s amusement. I also love some of the casting that they’ve done. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

At some point I will catch up on Fringe. Peter Bishop, I miss you so. Your shenanigans with Walter are some of my favorite. I like to think of you as X-Files of the corporate world. However, I have to be much more limited in my TV now a days between writing and the toddler, but there’s some really good stuff out there.