In Which Our Heroine Discusses Steampunk Fashion

I really love Steampunk clothing.

Last year at Phoenix Comic Con, I saw some gorgeous Steampunk outfits and I would love to make one for myself. Luckily, as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, I do have the sewing skill set. I also have embroidery and some basic sword play, for the record.

Simplicity Pattern 2172.

Since Steampunk is based off of Victorian-era fashion I don’t need things to be historically accurate the way they do for the SCA. In poking around online, I ran into some Steampunk patterns of interest. The first, 2172 may be my favorite. 2207 is also in the running and then there’s some fun pieces in 1819 as well. The trickiest thing is a corset and if I want to do that, I have to make the corset first and then fit the dress to the corset. So complicated, lol. But so pretty!

Of course, my next question is what fabric I would use and let me warn those who have never looked into it, fabric does not come cheap. Many awesome costumers will tell you that there are three traits and you can pick two: price, quality and speed. If you want it quality and fast, prepare to pay. If you want it cheap and quick, don’t expect quality. If you want it cheap and quality, it won’t come quick because you will be really searching for the materials on the bargain (and you still might not get them).

I look at the first two patterns I see and but them in blue of green, maybe black and I can see my heroine wearing one of them. Add in her steampunky jewelry and you really have something going there.

My pattern hunting at the fabric store could get dangerous this weekend.