In Which Our Heroine Makes an Overdue Return

As some of you may have noticed, I took a little min-hiatus that ended up longer than I had hoped. There’s been a lot of changes in this writer’s house, all good. I’ve made a shift in my “day job” that should allow me more time for writing. I’ve also spent a very exhausting nine months growing another geek child. He now allows my husband and I to sleep more or less. As our new sense of routine is getting under control, I’m putting my focus back on my writing.

Death by Dragon was a big learning experience for me. Not just in getting the draft written using a new writing method, but in sorting out how critique groups and such work. I do feel like I have a better sense of how to make the process go more efficiently the second time around, that alone is a victory.

It’s easy to feel like an underdog in writing. Getting a book published is no easy feat, and I have never heard of a legitimate “shortcut” that makes it easier for anyone. Some might argue that many a celebrity lands a fiction book deal. Quite a fuss is made when this happens. What I don’t think a lot of people realize is that those books are ghostwritten. The celebrity comes up with characters and an idea and a writer puts them all together, but the celebrity’s name goes on the cover. The truth is that it takes a lot of time and work, and you often have to be your first and biggest fan.

Luckily for me, I love do love me some underdogs, in fiction and outside it too. Just last night I got to experience watching Veronica Mars on the big screen. Not only is it a story about the girl detective who was an underdog, but the whole process it took to get that canceled TV show onto the big screen was an epic tale of the underdog claiming victory. I can’t help but to find that just a little inspirational, and no, it’s not because the movie soundtrack playing in the background that’s causing med to say that.

In Which Our Heroine Discusses Fandom

Fandom is a powerful thing.

I once watched eagerly for news as a fan of a certain cult-classic, Firefly, to see if news of a movie green-light would actually happen. My personal copy of the series traded so many hands, I didn’t see it for six months while I worked to recruit the fans who hadn’t seen it when it aired. I got that very shiny movie, and fandom got a legend about the power of fans.

Today, fans got another victory as even I thought the Veronica Mars movie was just a fan dream. it seemed so impossible that I didn’t actively think about it, until my BFF sent me a text to say that a Kickstarter campaign to fund the movie had reached 61% of a 2 million dollar goal. While I type this, the campaign has raised more that 2.26 million dollars in under 24 hours.

Holy heck.

I’m proud to say we contributed to the campaign, as I loved me my Veronica Mars and I want more of that smoldering snarkiness that is Logan Echolls. However, I’m fascinated by this from the perspective of how it can change entertainment. i have sometimes been a big fan of great shows that just didn’t hit the right ratings for advertisers. I adore HBO because there is no advertisers to cater to with ratings. I pay HBO a subscription, I watch what I like and HBO continues to develop what it’s subscribers want. They don’t care that I TiVo my shows and watch them later. For established actors or fanbases (I don’t think KBell and Rob Thomas could have pulled this off otherwise), this could be a legitimate way to give consumers the stories they want. I don’t need Veronica Mars to hit the big shiny screen. A limited run is okay with me, after all, I watched the original on a TV screen. The copy of the movie I’m getting with our donation still lets me watch it. If Felicia Day hadn’t had Geek and Sundry for The Guild, I imagine she would be able to use Kickstarter to fund a fan beloved series. What other actors might take a similar opportunity. Is it just me, or do you imagine that geek favorite Zachary Levi could pull something similar if he wanted to create a geek friendly web series?

And off I go, while internet rumors of Firefly being resurrected are bound to surface again.

Oh and 2.27 million for the girl detective in the time it took me to write this post.