In Which Our Heroine Reflects on Nano

NaNo, the big book writing challenge that’s a popular staple of November has never really been for me, even though I’m a writer for several reasons.

1) I want my books to be longer than the word count they provide.

2) Between my day job (or college when I was that age) and the holidays, November just isn’t a good month for me to take up one of those kinds of challenges.

3) My projects never seem to start at NaNo time. My current Western Steampunk started this month. I refuse to wait a whole month to start writing something I really want to write.

Now I know a lot of people really get into NaNo and it inspires a lot of people to get writing. Maybe I’m not the type of writer that Nano is targeted for, maybe I’m just contrary. I always figure if it works for you, go for it. If not, try something else.

Are you a NaNo person or not?