In Which Our Heroine Reflects on Writing Time

I keep track of my writing goals by the week and Monday is my start the clock day. I got home from the day job and got an amazing session in. I was so excited. Then the week got stolen away from me because my allergies were bad enough that they kicked my butt and took my name. I was exhausted and spent a lot of time groggy or sleeping. Especially, like most aspiring authors, I have a day job that pays the bills and you never know when you will or won’t get a book accepted for publication.

For the record, I probably should confess that I have no intention to self-publish any novel at this point in my writing career. The information that guided me to this decision came from several sources including conclusions I have made based on observation, number crunching, and questions I have heard answered by authors who have started their careers as traditionally published writers.

One of the best bits of advice I received was from writer Kevin Hearne at Phoenix Comic Con. When he was an aspiring author he had the same day job as I did as well as kidlet and family obligations (I have a husband and toddler). The day I met him was the day after he had finished his last day at his non-writing job. He was now going to be a full time writer.

Mr. Hearne told me that if you can do 2-4 pages a day (that’s 500 to 1,000 words), you will have a 300 page story in about three months. I try to do a minimum of four a day. This week I don’t know if it will happen. Perhaps I need to forgive myself and the plants that caused my allergies and move on. I have a chunk of the story done and I suspect it will be done in time for me to begin revisions for the writing contest I’m looking at.

Remember, 2-4 pages a day and you too will have a novel.

Oh, and if you like quirky urban fantasy, Mr Hearne is quite the talented writer. His Iron Druid Chronicles make me giggle. A lot. Maybe if we ever get that dog we discussed adding to the family, we must name him Oberon out of tribute.

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