In Which Our Heroine Reflects on Super Heroes

My current work-in-progress is not the only idea I’m working on. I’m of the form opinion that a writer should have several ideas because you never know what will sell. If you get lucky enough that one of your first ideas sell, then you already have other ideas for your next project. Win-win!

The other night, the husband, mother-in-law and I were watching the commentary for The Avengers because I adore Joss and like to use commentary to get into his brain as a writer. Besides, I’ve been tossing around an idea fora thought of a superhero idea right now. I’m fascinated with the thought of what our world would be like if super heroes were a common fact of life. What would they be like? How did they get into the hero business? Who are their enemies? How does this impact their family and personal life. Since I write YA, how does this huge thing work when it collides with all of the stuff that impacts a teenager’s life?

That and I know I will get to write great one-liners.

On the other hand, my brain likes to think in terms of a series which gets trickier. I am a firm believer in making sure your villains are not just evil “Mwahaha” kind of people. “Why am I evil? Because I can!” doesn’t work for me. I love Marvel’s Loki for such a reason. I think you get a more interesting villain when they are a person with their own struggles and problems who take the opposite way of solving them than our protagonist takes. For another great literary example compare the origins of Voldemort and Harry Potter. You feel sympathy for both of their origins, but when Tom Riddle becomes gradually twisted by it and makes the choices he does, he becomes the undeniable villain of the series. It reminds you of how Harry’s decisions and the support of his friends and surrogate family are what keeps him from a similar fate.

Maybe I will get to the superhero stuff eventually, but for me, the hardest part will be making sure my villains stack up.

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