In Which Our Heroine Discusses Writing Classes

There’s a big mistake I see a lot of aspiring writers make in writing classes.

Not participating.

I’ve been taking writing classes thrpugh chapters of the RWA since I’m a member. I’ve gotten some amazing feedback on my WIP and some questions answered by people who are published in the industry. It’s been awesome. Usually there’s 10-16 people in a class. What gets me, is that in a 12 or so person class, maybe 4 of us will participate in posting things where we get feedback on our individual works. That’s only 25% of the class or so.


There is a real life pulished author running a class that everyone has paid money to be instructed by and only 25% of the class is asking for feedback. Now I understand your story may be a WIP or just in the outlining stages but that doesn’t mean you can’t bounce ideas of the instructor to see what if they think you’re in the right direction. It drives me a little crazy. You learn by doing – so do something.

The moral of this story is go take writing classes and participate in them.

One thought on “In Which Our Heroine Discusses Writing Classes

  1. I totally agree with you. I was so annoyed I couldn’t take part as much in the last couple of classes but when I did the help was invaluable.

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