In Which Our Heroine Reflects on Her Imagination

I was raised as an only child, and I’m quite certain this is where my creativity comes from. at the age of seven, we moved into an old neighborhood where the houses were on 3 acre lots. There were fewer neighbors and they all tended to be of retirement age. For a long time, there was a limited number of kids to play with. To add to that, the stripe down the middle of our road was a school district boundary.  I didn’t get to interact with the limited kids across the street so much because they went to the other school district.

While some kids got socialization through sports teams or gymnastic classes, my parents were never the type who sought such things for me. With a chunk of land over three acres big and no built in sibling playmates, I was left to my own devices.

It should be no surprise to you that I was a big reader. books were something that an only child could devour. No other kids required like in a board game or sports related activities. Books took me to faraway places and new worlds, especially the fantasy and historical variety.  I honestly believe my childhood was proudly sponsored by Laura IngalL’s Wilder and C.S. Lewis. I often built amazing forts to accompany my epic adventures.

When classmates gave up pretend play for more junior high type interests, mine just evolved. I turned to writing, and the characters and adventures I had made up simply followed along with me.

They’re still with me today.


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