In Which Our Heroine is Grateful for Her Husband

I had a tricky past two weeks for writing. One of them involved about half my week going towards family time. It’s important, but I feel guilty when I don’t write. This week brought in a lot of stress and exhaustion from my day job to the point I would come home and crash for several hours.

Making progress is important to me, not just because I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about 11, but because I have money invested in this. Belonging to the RWA and my chapter costs money, my writing classes cost money. I feel like my writing is not just a hobby but an investment.

I am very lucky to have a understanding husband. He gets that writing takes time. He gets that its important for me to invest in these things as a writer and makes certain our budget allows for it. He gets that a 300 page book will be a draft that takes 75 hours to create which means I need roughly 1.5 hours a day of no interruptions to make it happen. Trickier to pull off when we have a toddler. He also gets that those first 75 hours are only a draft. I don’t think writers can become writers unless their spouses support what they do. So I am grateful that my husband is trying to help me make this possible.

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