In Which Our Heroine Struggles on Titling Her Book

Titles are tricky, tricky things. there was a time I was better at this. Back in high school. Even in college. You know, when I was writing things that I have since shelved as earlier attempts to write where I learned a lot but those things should sit and simmer for much longer if I ever do anything with them.

For my current work in progress, my YA Romantic Steampunk, I am struggling with not only a series but a book title. I want it to feel very steampunky which means I’m very much looking at the diction end of things. Part of my struggle is also that I learned that marketing departments often get the final call on your title. You go through all that trouble so someone else can name your book. While it makes sense to me, and I do tend to think marketing departments likely know more than I do, it still makes me grumble a little. Especially since I also hear that agents and editors look for titles that catch their attention.


Grumble. Grumble.

One thought on “In Which Our Heroine Struggles on Titling Her Book

  1. mysticcooking says:

    I always have trouble with titles. With our current WIP, I just started calling it “Mystic Cooking,” and that stuck as the same of the book and our MC’s restaurant, but who knows what it might change to in the future.

    Good luck choosing one! 🙂

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