In Which Our Heroine Completes Draft 1

Woot! Woot!

I finished it! Yesterday afternoon I finished draft one at a bit over 64,200 words!

So what’s next for me?

Well, for one I need to shelve my draft for a week or two to be able to come at it with fresh eyes. This will also let me spend the holidays with all of the family we are seeing or visiting without trying to work in regular writing hours. I’m going to use my RWA resources to get some critique partners. While one might say that in theory I could do that during my break, I figure those people will be busy with holiday stuff right now and if I’m asking for critiques, I should do it when I’m available to do so in return.

I may consider outlining another project. What I do want to do with some of that time is catch up on some reading for fun. My stack includes romances of the historical persuasion, Tricked by Kevin Hearne, Cold Days by Jim Butcher, some YA books and while traveling, a bunch of novella length stuff by Kevin Hearne and Kelley Armstrong. Anyone else out there reading something cool right now? Maybe eagerly awaiting the the time for a particular book? Am I the only one with a back log of at least 80 books?

2 thoughts on “In Which Our Heroine Completes Draft 1

  1. Grats on finishing your first draft! A feat I’m still struggling to complete.

    I just discovered the author Janet Evanovich and am enjoying her light hearted writing style and fun stories. Oh, and my to read list is huge. I don’t even want to think about how many books are patiently waiting for me to get to them. lol.

  2. Kaye Munroe says:

    Congratulations! It’s a great feeling to finish that manuscript. I do the same thing: put it aside for a few months, and on to the next. Never, ever stop!

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