In Which Our Heroine Reflects on Finales

Some of you who have read this blog before are aware I’m a big Leverage fan because I adore stories with anti-heroes and that show has them aplenty. Yesterday, the sad news was released that Leverage was being canceled and the episode on the 25th will in face be the last.

*sad face*

Dean Devlin, the creator, had already foreseen this possibility and had used what he intended for the series finale for the season finale. I’m glad that his finale will be the finale he intended and that his story will be ended the way he wanted.

One of my favorite TV series, Chuck, ran into that danger zone too and its creators made an art form out of the season finales that could be a series finale if needed but could be continued as well. Smart move for a show that existed on the bubble a lot.

I’ve also seen other shows that intended for a certain season run but were pushed to continue or that ended up getting dragged out on a very undignified life support until the fans only watched it out of pity loyalty. I’m still not certain how I feel about the extension of Supernatural as Season 5 was the original intent for its run and the finale that season would have been an amazing series ender. I was also an X-Files fan back in the day and most long-term fans have agreed to pretend the final season didn’t happen. Clearly the case of a show that should have been allowed to end with dignity a season or two before.

Do you agree? Disagree? Know of any other shows that should make the list of shows that needed to be allowed to end sooner than they did?

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